French manufacturer for more than 30 years, Laboratoires Héry is a brand specializing in high-end animal hygiene and beauty. It is recognized and appreciated by professionals in more than 30 countries and offers several lines of care adapted to the coat of each animal. The 4 brands of Laboratoires Héry offer hygiene and beauty products to groom and enhance dogs and cats according to their specificities and needs:

Héry Labo, because there are hairs and hairs

Héry Labo offers several complete hygiene ranges adapted to each coat. The products are all developed under veterinary supervision to respect the skin of our 4-legged companions. The ingredients used are selected to sublimate your pet's hair with softness and performance. The Héry Labo ranges meet the needs of each dog depending on the color, type or specificity of their coat with effective shampoos, conditioners, lotions and care. Héry Labo also offers hygiene products for cats and small mammals. Discover Héry Labo hygiene and beauty products

The essentials in an H

H By Héry selects high-performance ingredients so that each formula specifically meets the requirements of the coat while respecting the dog's skin. Hypoallergenic and respecting the pH of the dog's skin, all H By Héry products are dermatologically tested. The different formulas of H By Héry shampoos have been developed under veterinary supervision, the risks of allergies are thus minimized and the quality of the product is enhanced. The short range offered by H By Héry brings together all the essentials of dog cosmetics. Discover the H by Héry formulas

Bioty by Héry, because your companion has the right to the best of nature

In order to meet the expectations of owners, Laboratoires Héry have developed a complete range of natural Bioty by Héry treatments. Respectful of the Green Petcare charter and made in France, Bioty by Héry cosmetics offer an exceptional finish on the hair and protect the most fragile skin. Complying with the Green Petcare charter is the assurance of having a product whose composition respects: • 95% of raw materials of natural origin • Including 10% from organic farming • No coloring, no added parabens, no synthetic fragrance • GMO-free The Green Petcare association was created to guarantee consumers and their companions quality organic cosmetic products manufactured in accordance with the strictest hygiene and safety standards. The range is composed of shampoos, conditioners and lotions meeting the essential needs of dogs. She also offers care to protect their eyes and ears with products that are not aggressive. Discover Bioty by Héry natural treatments

Zero Puce, the solution against parasites

Zéro Puce from Héry Laboratories offers a range dedicated to the fight against parasites that disturb the well-being of your animal. Developed under veterinary supervision, all the products in the Zéro Puce line are intended to protect animals and their environment. They have geraniol as an active ingredient: obtained by semisynthesis from pine, it is an excellent insect repellent made up of natural plant extracts. An animal showing signs of itching, skin disorders, allergies or even infections may be infested with parasites. To protect your companion, it is therefore necessary to act on the environment and to effectively and durably protect your animal from fleas, ticks, chiggers and sand flies. With Zéro Puce, Héry Laboratories have developed an effective antiparasitic treatment protocol in 3 stages: treatment of the environment, direct treatment of animals with parasites and preventive treatment of animals. Discover the Zero Puce antiparasitic control solutions