How to gently groom a puppy ?

As soon as it arrives in its new home, the puppy can be washed. The first bath can therefore sometimes be delicate. However, in order not to frighten the animal, it is important to give it a good time. For this, Laboratoires Héry give you their advice:

First, prepare the equipment you will need in advance, including absorbent microfiber-type towels. Be sure to choose a special puppy shampoo that will be gentler on your new 4-legged friend. Héry Laboratories offer 3 shampoos specific to puppies of the Héry Labo, H by Héry and Bioty by Héry brands based on honey or Aloe vera.

After preparing your Héry shampoo, dilute it in a dilution bottle: we recommend adding 1 dose of shampoo for 3 doses of water.

Finally, to reassure your pet, you can put a non-slip mat at the bottom of the bathtub.

Then you can proceed to the bath.

In order to reassure your animal and make the bath pleasant, talk to him during all the stages of this moment. Be sure to choose temperate water for the comfort of the animal. Start by wetting the paws, chest and fur on one side. Then apply the diluted shampoo and massage the hair to emulsify the product. Then repeat the operation on the other side of the animal. End gently with the head, while paying attention to the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose and lips.

Then, rinse the fur thoroughly to remove the product. Once the hair is clean, it should slide under your fingers, on the contrary it should in no case be sticky.

Using a towel, blot the animal as much as possible to facilitate drying. Finally, you can either use a hairdryer on low heat or let the dog air dry.