How to groom a long-haired dog ?

In order to help you groom your dog with long hairs, Héry Laboratories provide you with their advice.

Start by brushing the dog’s hair to remove knots and remove dead hair for a thorough wash. You can use the Héry Labo range of bamboo brushes: soft brush, card or even rotary tooth comb.

Before bathing, be sure to prepare the equipment you will need beforehand, in particular absorbent microfiber towels. Choose a special Héry shampoo for long hair and dilute it in a dilution bottle: we recommend using 1 dose of shampoo for 3 doses of water.

To reassure your pet, you can put a non-slip mat at the bottom of the bathtub.

Be sure to choose temperate water for the comfort of the animal. Proceed with the bath by wetting and washing one side of the dog first and then the other side. End gently with the head.

We recommend doing two shampoos to remove impurities and then provide the hair with the active ingredients of the product.

After these two shampoos, rinse the fur thoroughly to remove the product.

Continue by applying the conditioner, which will facilitate detangling and make the coat shiny. Likewise, the knots will come off effortlessly when brushing. Proceed in the same way as for the shampoo, but here, leave on for a few minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

Finally, you can dry the animal with a blower or hair dryer. Then you can brush its hair with a wide rotating tooth comb to untangle the last knots and with a card on the paws to give them a little volume.

To help detangle the hair, you can spray one of our Héry Labo detangling sprays. These allow to disentangle but also bring several advantages (radiance, shine, strength….).

Between two baths and in order to save time, you can opt for the Héry Labo Long Hair Dry Shampoo, which cleans the dog’s coat without rinsing.

Thanks to these different steps, Laboratoires Héry can provide you with quality grooming for your dog with long hair.